Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Computing technology, communication technology, and mass storage technology are some of the areas of continuous development that reshape the way libraries access, retrieve, store, manipulate, and disseminate information to users. ICT has impacted on every sphere of academic library activity especially in the form of the library collection development strategies, library building and consortia. ICT presents an opportunity to provide value-added information services and access to a wide variety of digital based information resources to their clients. Furthermore, academic libraries are also using modern ICTs to automate their core functions, implement efficient and effective library cooperation and resource sharing networks, implement management information systems, develop institutional repositories of digital local contents, and digital libraries: and initiate ICT based capacity building programmes for library users. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought unprecedented changes and transformation to academic library and information services, conventional LIS such as OPAC, user services, reference service, bibliographic services, current awareness services, document delivery, interlibrary loan, audio visual services, and customer relations can be provided more efficiently and effectively using ICT, as they offer convenient time, place, cost effectiveness, faster and most-up-to-date dissemination and end users involvement in the library and information services process. The impact of ICT characterized on information services by changes in format, content and method of production, and delivery of information products. Emergence of the Internet as the largest repository of information and knowledge, changed role of library and information science professionals from intermediary to facilitator, new tools for dissemination of information and shift from physical to virtual services environment and extinction of some conventional information services and emergence of new and innovational web based. Considering the enormous benefits that are experienced in the impact of ICT in Nigerian university libraries, the Nigerian academic libraries still experience some obstacles or hindrances in the effective and efficient use of the ICT resources in the library.
ICT has fulfilled its promise in academic libraries, there is remarkable rise in the use of ICT, many of the libraries activities are now ICT driven. This has led to the speed on acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination operations. ICT has also help to curb the problem of information explosion in this information era

Friday, April 22, 2016

Newspaper Clippings Month of March 2016


Jalees Hazir, Agricultural terrorism and poor farmers, The Nation, 24 March 2016, P.06


Rehana Hyder, Sahibzada Yaqub-KhanThe Nation, 14 March 2016, P.07
Harris Bin Munawar, Hamza Ali Abbasi – a non-state actor?, The Nation,15 March 2016, P.06
Dr A Q Khan, Rumi on death, The News, 21 March 2016, P.06

Culture/Society/Women/Human Rights  

Bina Shah, Women`s revolutionDawn, 17 March. 2015, P.09
Arif Azad, Left to die, Dawn, 23 March. 2015, P.09
 Nilofar  Ahmed , Women`s dignityDawn, 25 March. 2015, P.09
Huma  Yusuf, Slow advancementDawn, 28 March. 2015, P.09
Staff Reporter, Resolution of the Day, The Nation, 08 March 2016, P.13
Anuradha Gupta, Reaching every child in Pakistan, The Nation, 09 March 2016, P.07
Staff Reporter, Islam gives respect to women: CMThe Nation, 09 March 2016, P.14
Mina Malik-Hussain, In praise of brave girlsThe Nation, 28 March 2016, P.06
Zaigham Khan, Women in a mufti’s courtThe News, 02 February 2016, P.06
Nasim Zehra, Pakistan in its glory – and gloomThe News, 02 February 2016, P.06
Afiya Shehrbano , The hollywoodisation of issues , The News, 03 February 2016, P.06
Imtiaz Alam , Beyond the girl in the river , The News, 03 February 2016, P.06
Shahzada Irfan Ahmed, The implementation conundrumThe News, 16 March 2016, P.06
Mehnaz Aziz, Hungry childrenThe News, 19 March 2016, P.06
Dr Ashraf Ali, In the name of honourThe News, 30 March 2016, P.06


Farhan Bokhari, The dark sideDawn, 24 March. 2015, P.09
Dr Kamal Monnoo, A case of devaluationThe Nation, 02 March 2016, P.07
Huzaifa Akhtar, The corridor to prosperityThe Nation, 07 March 2016, P.06
Senator M Ishaq Dar, Public debt managementThe Nation, 19 March 2016, P.07
Huzaifa Akhtar, Beggars, not choosersThe Nation, 22 March 2016, P.06
Saleem Safi, The CPEC: a clash of interestsThe News, 05 March 2016, P.06
Dr Shahid Siddiqui, Development: the imperialist wayThe News, 07 March 2016, P.06
Atta-ur-Rahman, Innovative developmentThe News, 09 March 2016, P.06
Abid Hasan, Taxing traders: right goal, wrong strategyThe News, 12 March 2016, P.06
Shahid Mehmood, The paradox of workThe News, 14 March 2016, P.06
Dr Akmal Hussain, The injustice of inequalityThe News, 17 March 2016, P.06
Saleem Safi, Incomparable deceptionThe News, 22 March 2016, P.06
Atta-ur-Rahman, The STI visionThe News, 23 March 2016, P.06

Education/Language & Literature  

Idress  Khawaja, HEC`s rankingsDawn, 03 March. 2015, P.09
Anjum  Altaf, Language functionsDawn, 13 March. 2015, P.09
Rukhsana Shah, Enhancing skillsDawn, 21 March. 2015, P.09
Dr Farid A Malik, Have our Universities failed?The Nation, 09 March 2016, P.06
Zahaid Rehman, Private schools versus the stateThe Nation, 12 March 2016, P.07
Mina Malik-Hussain, In praise of festivals , The Nation, 21 March 2016, P.06
Zubair Torwali, Forum for languageThe News, 05 March 2016, P.06
Anjum Altaf, Clarity on languageThe News, 11 March 2016, P.06
Iftekhar A Khan, Admission seasonThe News, 14 March 2016, P.06
Dr Shahid Siddiqui, Indigenous Indian educationThe News, 21 March 2016, P.06
Dr Javaid R Laghari, Ranking universitiesThe News, 26 March 2016, P.06


Raashid Wali Janjua, Energy and securityThe News, 01 March 2016, P.06

Environmental Issues and Health Issues  

Murad   Moosa  Khan, Noble profession?Dawn, 04 March. 2015, P.09
Najib Ul Haq, Pharma challengeDawn, 20 March. 2015, P.09
Zeenat  Hisam, Collective struggleDawn, 30March. 2015, P.09
Javid Husain, Transformation of the global security environmentThe Nation, 15 March 2016, P.07
Kamran Shariff Are we serious on climate change?The Nation, 21 March 2016, P.06
Dr Ahmad Saeed Bhatti, Global Water DayThe Nation, 22 March 2016, P.07
Kamila Hyat , Hidden in the shadowsThe News, 03 February 2016, P.07
Shakil Durrani, Fading hopes for wildlifeThe News, 15 March 2016, P.06
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Minimising climate changeThe News, 16 March 2016, P.06
Binoy Kampmark, Climate change denialThe News, 17 March 2016, P.06
M Saeed Khalid, Adios, RodolfoThe News, 22 March 2016, P.06
John Groarke, Every drop countsThe News, 22 March 2016, P.06
Dr Cesar Chelala, Healthy childrenThe News, 25 March 2016, P.07
Beena Sarwar, Polio: one last pushThe News, 29 March 2016, P.06

International Relations  

Mahir Ali, UK`s EU dilemmaDawn, 09 March. 2015, P.09
Huma  Yusuf, Saudi connectionDawn, 14 March. 2015, P.09
A.G.Noorani, Settle SiachenDawn, 26 March. 2015, P.09
Jalees Hazir, Welcoming Presidents Putin and RouhaniThe Nation, 03 March 2016, P.06
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Outdated Indian narrativeThe Nation, 04 March 2016, P.07
Muhammad Umar, India’s Pakistan obsessionThe Nation, 06 March 2016, P.07
Marvi Sirmed, Afghan peace processThe Nation, 08 March 2016, P.07
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Decades of friendshipThe Nation, 11 March 2016, P.06
Iftikhar Ahmad, Justice, peace and stabilityThe Nation, 15 March 2016, P.07
Ali Rizvi, Controversial allianceThe Nation, 18 March 2016, P.06
Dr Syed Nazir Gilani, Dangers of bad British advice on Pak-India dialogueThe Nation, 22 March 2016, P.07
Muhammad Umar, Pakistan will not give Saudi Arabia the BombThe Nation, 23 March 2016, P.06
President Hassan Rouhani, A Special Message for the People of Pakistan,The Nation, 25 March 2016, P.07
Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik, Ties with TurkmenistanThe Nation, 26 March 2016, P.06
Javid Husain, Iranian President’s visit to PakistanThe Nation, 29 March 2016, P.06
Shahzad Chaudhry, Strategic restraintThe News, 11 March 2016, P.06
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Strategic partnershipThe News, 12 March 2016, P.06
Saleem Safi, Comparing mediaThe News, 16 March 2016, P.06
Shahzad Chaudhry, Negotiating deterrenceThe News, 18 March 2016, P.06
Zamir Akram, Dialogue with the deafThe News, 19 March 2016, P.06


Dr Syed Nazir Gilani, Kashmir and new Pak-US strategyThe Nation, 11 March 2016, P.07
K. Iqbal, Kashmir conflict and British culpabilityThe Nation, 14 March 2016, P.07


Zeenat   Hisam, Justice & impunityDawn, 06 March. 2015, P.09
Irfan  Husain, Justice delayedDawn, 12 March. 2015, P.09
Saad Rasool, The Qadri caseThe Nation, 06 March 2016, P.07
Asher A. Qazi, Birds and judicial politicsThe Nation, 11 March 2016, P.07
Saad Rasool, Judicial empowermentThe Nation, 27 March 2016, P.07


Irfan Husain, Only in Karachi, Dawn, 19 March. 2015, P.09
Marvi Sirmed, Mumtaz Qadri & death penalty, The Nation, 01 March 2016, P.06
Harris Bin Munawar, It takes two to fly, The Nation, 01 March 2016, P.06
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Owning Qadri, disowning Sharmeen, The Nation,03 March 2016, P.07
Afzal Hussain, Pakistani passport came second-to-last, The Nation, 04 March 2016, P.06
Marria Qibtia Sikandar Nagra, Incongruous social attitudes, The Nation, 07 March 2016, P.07
Faizan Ali Warraich, Women celebrate their day, The Nation, 09 March 2016, P.14
Samson Simon Sharaf, Pakistan’s multi layered perspectives Part 3, The Nation, 12 March 2016, P.06
Atle Hetland, Have I told you lately?, The Nation, 17 March 2016, P.07
Khalid Jamshed, Brandishing a rusty sword...., The Nation, 20 March 2016, P.07
Zahaid Rehman, On the revival of student unions, The Nation, 27 March 2016, P.07
Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, Reflections on Pakistan Day, The Nation, 28March 2016, P.07
Madiha Tahir & Mahvish Ahmad, The law of the fatherThe News, 02 February 2016, P.06
Noman Sattar, An inconvenient truth, The News, 05 March 2016, P.06
Zaigham Khan, Silver lining or false dawn?, The News, 07 March 2016, P.06
Abbas Hasan, The Sahiwal power plant, The News, 11 March 2016, P.06
Mosharraf Zaidi, Ghairat, beghairtee and an Oscar award, The News, 15 March 2016, P.07
Rahimullah Yusufzai, A tale of kidnapping, The News, 16 March 2016, P.06
Zaigham Khan, Insult the Baloch, The News, 21 March 2016, P.06
Shamshad Ahmad, Whither Quaid’s Pakistan?, The News, 23 March 2016, P.06
Nasim Zehra, For cricket, with love, The News, 23 March 2016, P.06
Imtiaz Alam, Dilemmas of the Pakistan ProjectThe News, 24 March 2016, P.06

Politics/International Politics  

Niaz  Murtaza, Tale of two CPECs, Dawn, 01 March. 2015, P.09
A . G. Noorani, Legitimate dissentDawn, 05 March. 2015, P.09
F.S. Aijazuddin, Today`s tempestDawn, 10 March. 2015, P.09
Niaz Murtaza, Party leadership, Dawn, 15 March. 2015, P.09
 Shahab  Usto Lost wings, Dawn, 22 March. 2015, P.09
Shakaib  Qureshi, Changing gears, Dawn, 27 March. 2015, P.09
Owen  B ennet  Jones, Art of diplomacy, Dawn, 31 March. 2015, P.09
Javid Husain, Democracy in action, The Nation, 01 March 2016, P.07
Dr Farid A Malik, PML-N vs PML-Q, The Nation, 02 March 2016, P.06
Zahaid Rehman, Another day, another party, The Nation, 05 March 2016, P.06
Afrasiab Khattak, Iran’s new political alignment, The Nation, 05 March 2016, P.07
Mohsin Raza Malik, Maneuvering MQMThe Nation, 09 March 2016, P.07
Jalees Hazir, Imperial stooges and national interest, The Nation, 10 March 2016, P.06
Hassan Javid, The power of the PML-N, The Nation, 13 March 2016, P.06
Saad Rasool, A moment of reflection, The Nation, 13 March 2016, P.07
Marvi Sirmed, Prioritising strategic interests, The Nation, 15 March 2016, P.06
Dr Farid A Malik, Who will lead us?The Nation, 16 March 2016, P.06
Mohsin Raza Malik, Probing the MQM-RAW nexusThe Nation, 16 March 2016, P.07
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Secular, liberal PML-N?, The Nation, 17 March 2016, P.07
M A Niazi, Turmoil in the MQMThe Nation, 18 March 2016, P.06
Ayesha Ahmed, Bull in a china shopThe Nation, 18 March 2016, P.07
Samson Simon Sharaf, Pakistan’s multi layered perspectives Part 4, The Nation, 19 March 2016, P.06
K. Iqbal, Afghanistan’s fog of talksThe Nation, 21 March 2016, P.07
Dr Qaisar Rashid, The escape, The Nation, 21 March 2016, P.07
Dr Farid A Malik, Leader and the ledThe Nation, 23 March 2016, P.06
M A Niazi, An unwell commando, The Nation, 25 March 2016, P.06
Afrasiab Khattak, After Musharraf’s departure, The Nation, 26 March 2016, P.07
Hassan Javid, Against discretionary funds for MNAs, The Nation, 27 March 2016, P.06
Harris Bin Munawar, This is not an articleThe Nation, 29 March 2016, P.06
Dr Farid A Malik, New leader, old script?, The Nation, 30 March 2016, P.06
Dr Kamal Monnoo, TPP from an American perspective, The Nation, 30 March 2016, P.06
Harris Khalique, Politics of identity, politics of class, The News, 02 February 2016, P.07
Muddassir Rizvi , Transparency for trust The News, 03 February 2016, P.06
Syed Talat Hussain, Coconut RepublicThe News, 07 March 2016, P.07
Hussain H Zaidi, Intra-party despotism, The News, 08 March 2016, P.06
Nasim Zehra, Engineering a new MQM, The News, 09 March 2016, P.06
Harris Khalique, The MQM tamashaThe News, 09 March 2016, P.07
Dr Ikramul Haq, Remembering a black day, The News, 10 March 2016, P.06
M Saeed Khalid, Diplomacy, anyone?, The News, 10 March 2016, P.06
Imtiaz Alam, Politics of chauvinismThe News, 10 March 2016, P.06
Ayaz Amir, Strange logic of the liberated classes, The News, 11 March 2016, P.06
Hussain H Zaidi, The return of ‘minus-one’The News, 12 March 2016, P.06
Zaigham Khan, A new leader for Karachi, The News, 14 March 2016, P.06
Ayaz Ahmed, The OIC and Palestine, The News, 15 March 2016, P.06
Hashim bin Rashid, The Musharraf farce, The News, 21 March 2016, P.06
Adnan Randhawa, Course correctionThe News, 24 March 2016, P.06
Shahzad Chaudhry, Democracy in distress, The News, 25 March 2016, P.06
Muddassir Rizvi, A billion dollar election, The News, 26 March 2016, P.06
Dr A Q Khan, G T Road general The News, 28 March 2016, P.06
Iftekhar A Khan, Unwarranted criticismThe News, 28 March 2016, P.00
Cesar Chelala, The US role in ArgentinaThe News, 29 March 2016, P.06
Ayaz Ahmed, China vs America: the new cold war, The News, 30 March 2016, P.06


Zarrar  Khuro The roots that clutchDawn, 07 March. 2015, P.09
Nikhat   Sattar, Islamic moralsDawn, 11 March. 2015, P.09
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Separating state and IslamThe Nation, 10 March 2016, P.07
M A Niazi, What the hanging showedThe Nation, 11 March 2016, P.06
Atle Hetland, The mystery of EasterThe Nation, 24 March 2016, P.07
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Inopportune defensiveness about IslamThe Nation, 24 March 2016, P.07
Jalees Hazir, Another kind of blasphemy, The Nation, 31 March 2016, P.06
Talat Farooq, Tweak them insteadThe News, 17 March 2016, P.06
Ayaz Amir, Holy fathers…the search for relevance, The News, 18 March 2016, P.06

Science & Information Technology  

K. Iqbal, Our nuclear and debt bombs, The Nation, 07 March 2016, P.06
Muhammad Azam Khan, Nuclear and naval stabilityThe Nation, 16 March 2016, P.07
Masood Khan, Understanding Nuclear Security Summits, The Nation, 31 March 2016, P.07
Dr Adil Sultan, Nuclear security summitThe News, 23 March 2016, P.06

Topic of the Month - Women Protection Bill  

Sherry Rehman, In the cross hairs, Dawn, 08 March. 2015, P.09
S Tariq, The right stuffThe Nation, 03 March 2016, P.06
Hassan Javid, Protecting women?The Nation, 06 March 2016, P.06
Harris Bin Munawar, A man’s place is in the homeThe Nation, 08 March 2016, P.06
Atle Hetland, Till we see something elseThe Nation, 10 March 2016, P.07
Mina Malik-Hussain, On running amok, The Nation, 14 March 2016, P.06
Afzal Hussain, Women in occupied Kashmir, The Nation, 14 March 2016, P.06
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Resisting religious blackmailThe Nation, 18 March 2016, P.07
Hassan Javid, Support the Women Protection Bill!The Nation, 20 March 2016, P.06
Saad Rasool, Bearded hypocrisyThe Nation, 20 March 2016, P.07
Hafsa Khawaja, The need for cultural currency, The Nation, 25 March 2016,P.06
Jagoda Munic, We are all Berta, The News, 10 March 2016, P.07
Babar Sattar, The wifebeater’s worldview, The News, 19 March 2016, P.06
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Gender equality, The News, 29 March 2016, P.06


Mohammad Ali Baba Khel, Toys of violenceDawn, 02 March. 2015, P.09
Moeed  Yusuf, Taliban talks, Dawn, 29 March. 2015, P.09
Mohsin Raza Malik, Pakistan’s Pathankot probeThe Nation, 02 March 2016, P.07
Afrasiab Khattak, Beyond the end of denialThe Nation, 12 March 2016, P.07
Kaleem Dean, Mourning YouhannabadThe Nation, 17 March 2016, P.06
Afrasiab Khattak, Peshawar bleeds again, The Nation, 19 March 2016, P.07
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Making the world a safer placeThe Nation, 25March 2016, P.07
Ahsan Kureshi, Of retirement resortsThe Nation, 26 March 2016, P.07
K. Iqbal, The NSS process: letter or spirit?The Nation, 28 March 2016, P.06
Marvi Sirmed, Extremism feeding the terrorismThe Nation, 29 March 2016, P.07
Mohsin Raza Malik, National security imperativesThe Nation, 30 March 2016, P.07
Atle Hetland, Political engagement and dissentThe Nation, 31 March 2016, P.07
Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Getting rid of terrorismThe News, 02 February 2016, P.06
Imtiaz Alam, A divided operationThe News, 31 March 2016, P.06
Dr Akmal Hussain, Countering terrorismThe News, 31 March 2016, P.06