Thursday, November 26, 2015

Newspaper Clippings the Month of September 2015


Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Revitalising agriculture, The Nation, 18 September 2015, P.07

Faisal Hassan, Farmer cornered, The Nation, 18 September 2015, P.07

Biography / Interviews

Farooq Hameed Khan, Raheel Sharif: Leader and savior?, The Nation, 11 September 2015, P.06

Culture / Society / Women / Human Rights

Huma Yusuf, Gender inequality, Dawn, 14  September 2015, P.09

Zainab Zeeshan Malik, No relief for torture victims, The Nation, 05 September 2015, P.06

Hassan Javid, Aylan Kurdi: An avoidable tragedy, The Nation, 06 September 2015, P.06

Mina Malik-Hussain, On refugeesThe Nation, 07 September 2015, P.06

Jalees Hazir, Murderers disguised as messiahs, The Nation, 17 September 2015, P.06

Samson Simon Sharaf, Syrians:Victims of Ethics and conscience,  The Nation, 19 September 2015, P.06


Zeenat   Hisam , Off-track railways, Dawn, 04  September 2015, P.09

Ali Tahir, Farm packageDawn, 24  September 2015, P.09

Abdul Majeed Abid, Pakistan’s taxing problemThe Nation, 14 September 2015, P.06

Dr Kamal Monnoo, Minimum wage dilemmaThe Nation, 16 September 2015,P.06

Dr Kamal Monnoo, What really ails textile exports?, The Nation, 23 September 2015, P.07

Dr Kamal Monnoo, The interest rate conundrum!, The Nation, 30 September 2015, P.06

Education / Language & Literature

Anita Shah Lakyary , Exorcising `ghosts`, Dawn, 03  September 2015, P.09

Syed  Saadat, Fleecing parents, Dawn, 15  September 2015, P.09

Sana Anwar, Difficult conversations, The Nation, 02 September 2015, P.06

Jalees Hazir, Madrassahs of another kind, The Nation, 10 September 2015,P.06

Inayatullah, International Literacy Day 2015, The Nation, 12 September 2015, P.07

Saad Rasool, National languageThe Nation, 13 September 2015, P.07

M A Niazi, Judgment on languageThe Nation, 18 September 2015, P.06

Gul Bukhari, Government, education and madrassas, The Nation, 21 September  2015, P.06

Harris Bin Munawar, Nawaz Sharif preparing for GRE, The Nation, 22 September 2015, P.06

Samee Chaudhary, Resurrecting UrduThe Nation, 22 September 2015, P.07


Moazzam Husain , Solar power debateDawn, 16  September 2015, P.09

Raja Muhammad Atif Azad, The solar projectDawn, 30  September 2015, P.09

Environmental Issues and Health Issues

Zubeida Mustafa , PMDC in the dockDawn, 18  September 2015, P.09

Hanniah Tariq, Heights of danger, Dawn, 29  September 2015, P.09

Zain Haider, Following Emma Bovary, The Nation, 11 September 2015, P.07

Abeer Mustafa, The internal war on taboo, The Nation, 21 September 2015,P.07

Zahida Latif, Aphasia and communicationThe Nation, 29 September 2015,P.07


A . G . Noorani, Kashmir unity, Dawn, 19  September 2015, P.09

Ahsan Kureshi, The Kashmir contentionThe Nation, 09 September 2015, P.07

Ahsan Kureshi, Common ground, The Nation, 16 September 2015, P.06

International Relations

A . G . Noorani, Curbs on culture, Dawn, 12  September 2015, P.09

Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai, Souring relations, The Nation, 01 September 2015, P.07

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik, China’s victoryThe Nation, 04 September 2015, P.07

Zushan Ahmad Hashmi, Finding Pak-India love in UAE, The Nation, 09 September 2015, P.06

Nadeem M Qureshi, Pakistan and USA: A chequered past, The Nation, 15 September 2015, P.07

Afzal Hussain, New vistas in foreign policy, The Nation, 18 September 2015,P.06

K. Iqbal, Resetting Afghan peace processThe Nation, 21 September 2015,P.07

Malik Muhammad Ashraf, An inevitable choice, The Nation, 25 September 2015, P.07

Masood Khan, South-South cooperation, The Nation, 25 September 2015,P.07


Amber  Darr  , Vulnerable in court, Dawn, 01  September 2015, P.09

Ziaullah  Ranjah, Bar politics, Dawn, 09  September 2015, P.09

Bakhtawar Bilal Soofi, Waiting for reform, Dawn, 20  September 2015, P.09

Mohsin Raza Malik, A tale of many resignationsThe Nation, 02 September 2015, P.07

Iftikhar Ahmad, Constitutionalisation of democracy, The Nation, 08 September 2015, P.07

Samson Simon Sharaf, Judges neither seen nor heardThe Nation, 12 September 2015, P.06

Usman Raza Jami, The great beyondThe Nation, 14 September 2015, P.07

Hira Qureshi, Death penalty for the disabledThe Nation, 20 September 2015,P.07

Dr. Anam Javed Cheema, Patents and lifelines, The Nation, 28 September 2015, P.06

Science & Information Technology

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Hijacking Mohamed’s story, The Nation, 24 September 2015, P.07


Ali  Tahir, Opportunity beckonsDawn, 07  September 2015, P.09

Arif  Hasan, State of transport, Dawn, 17  September 2015, P.09

Marvi Sirmed, Phantom of misogyny & xenophobiaThe Nation, 01 September 2015, P.06

Jalees Hazir, Phantom of the okra, The Nation, 03 September 2015, P.06

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Redefining patriotism, The Nation, 03 September 2015, P.07

Harris Bin Munawar, How to survive a raid on your restaurant, The Nation,15 September
2015, P.06

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Challenging Saudi custodianship, The Nation, 17 September 2015, P.07

Mohsin Raza Malik, Hierarchy of greed, The Nation, 23 September 2015, P.07

Harris Bin Munawar, How will Sunday’s Blood Moon affect your life?, The Nation, 29 September 2015, P.06


Muhammad  Ali  Musofer, Haj beyond ritualsDawn, 11  September 2015, P.09

Jane-e-Alam Khaki , Reason & revelation, Dawn, 25  September 2015, P.09

S Mikail Murshed, The beliefs of a nuclear physicistThe Nation, 08 September 2015, P.07

Atle Hetland, ‘It is in giving we receive’The Nation, 24 September 2015, P.07

M A Niazi, The Abrahamic tradition, The Nation, 25 September 2015, P.06

Topic of the Month - "50th Pakistan Defense Day 2015"

Mahir Ali  , 1965 and after, Dawn, 02  September 2015, P.09

Javed Husain  , Flashback to 1965Dawn, 06  September 2015, P.09

Niaz   Murtaza, A lucky Pakistan, Dawn, 13  September 2015, P.09

Samson Simon Sharaf, Soldiers and the nation, The Nation, 05 September 2015, P.06

Saad Rasool, National identityThe Nation, 06 September 2015, P.07

Abdul Majeed Abid, Blood, toil, tears and lies, The Nation, 07 September 2015, P.06

M A Niazi, Golden Jubilee, The Nation, 11 September 2015, P.06

Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Embracing martyrdomThe Nation, 11 September 2015, P.07

Politics/International Politics

Irfan Husain , Bilawal`s choicesDawn, 05  September 2015, P.09

Aziz   Sanghur, The Baloch saga, Dawn, 10  September 2015, P.09

Zarrar Khuro , Say what?, Dawn, 21  September 2015, P.09

Mohammad  Hussain Khan , Fields of discontent, Dawn, 23  September 2015, P.09

Dr Farid A Malik, NA-19 contest, The Nation, 02 September 2015, P.06

Atle Hetland, Professional politiciansThe Nation, 03 September 2015, P.07

Inayatullah, A hard pressed government, The Nation, 05 September 2015,P.07

k.Iqbal, Where is Modi’s proclaimed Victory?, The Nation, 07 September 2015, P.07

Mohsin Raza Malik, Of accountability and expediency, The Nation, 09 September 2015, P.07

Dr Farid A Malik, Match with Ayaz Sadiq, The Nation, 16 September 2015, P.07

Afrasiab Khattak, Myth and reality of democracy, The Nation, 19 September 2015, P.07

Hassan Javid, The bell of justice, The Nation, 20 September 2015, P.06

Dr Farid A Malik, Robin Hoods of PTI, The Nation, 23 September 2015, P.06

S Tariq, Small feet, big shoesThe Nation, 24 September 2015, P.06

Jalees Hazir, Mullahs of democracy, The Nation, 24 September 2015, P.06

Marvi Sirmed, Measuring parliamentary performance, The Nation, 29 September 2015, P.06

Lt Col Khalid Masood Khan (Retd), Geopolitical importance: A different perspectiveThe Nation, 29 September 2015, P.07

Dr Farid A Malik, PTI-the enemy within?, The Nation, 30 September 2015, P.06

Mohsin Raza Malik, The undemocratic democrats, The Nation, 30 September 2015, P.07


Mohammad Ali  Baba Khel, Proactive Nacta, Dawn, 22  September 2015, P.09

Javid Husain, US warning to Pakistan, The Nation, 01 September 2015, P.07

Senator Sehar Kamran, Pakistan’s fight against violent, The Nation, 02 September 2015, P.07

Malik Muhammad Ashraf, Karachi must be resurrected, The Nation, 04 September 2015, P.07

Gul Bukhari, NAP and theatrics, The Nation, 06 September 2015, P.07

S.Tariq, Pakistan’s Information War, The Nation, 10 September 2015, P.06

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Renewing the drone debate, The Nation, 10 September 2015, P.07

Gul Bukhari, Glass half full, The Nation, 13 September 2015, P.07

K. Iqbal, NAP: Loops and holes, The Nation, 14 September 2015, P.07

Marvi Sirmed, NAP: Underneath the good statisticsThe Nation, 15 September 2015, P.06

Iftikhar Ahmad, Barriers to way forward, The Nation, 15 September 2015,P.07

Inayatullah, Terrorism, corrupiton: Civil-military relationsThe Nation, 19 September 2015, P.07

Saad Rasool, Abdalian once, Abdalian forever..., The Nation, 20 September 2015, P.07

Tobias Ellwood, Pakistan’s choice, The Nation, 28 September 2015, P.06